………to the tune of Rihanna’s Insomnia 3…2…1…

LETHARGIA oh oh oh oh.

I get around 9 hours sleep daily, but I just get so tired at work and on my way back, today I dozed in the car. I mean come on 9 hours sleep is more than adequate. Right. Maybe the problem is too much sleep, I should be limiting myself to about 7-8 hours. But I love sleep so much….. Maybe I should go in for some testing or take a medical supplement. Except that I stay as far as possible from medicinal practitioners and pills. I don’t believe in popping pills the minute you feel an ache coming on, you need to let your body heal on its own. Of course in a matter of genuine medical emergency, I do totally recommend whatever it takes to get better.

I think the answer is staying active. A sedentary lifestyle is the cause, and of course all other lovers of sleep know from experience that the  more you sleep, the sleepier you get. So I am going to try and update my lifestyle and add a bit of exercise to it. Keep moving. Build stamina.

After all, health is indeed wealth.

I found this image on http://www.upwave.com. It furthers up my claim. To a future healthier self 🙂




No Sleep

My mind is running at the speed of light
This is not good for waking up early for work tomorrow.
Excited mind go to sleep now.

Can this be considered haiku? Answers on a postcard.