Love Boat


I want to sail to my love
Over the rough seas,
In my little love boat
To him, I’ll be safe

And then we’ll sail
Over the rough seas
But it won’t matter
Coz he’ll be with me

In my little love boat
We’ll try and stay afloat
The world will not matter
As long as we are together

Soon we’ll see
What fools we’ve been
To stay apart for so long
Oh why, didn’t we see it before

In my love boat
To, where we’ll sail
To happier times and lovely memories
Oh, how happy we’ll be.


A love poem for my lover 2

In the deep slumber of summer, you keep me from getting cold

Your sweet breath, moonlight and rainbows

The strength you give me, it makes me see

The noone else, could see the angel in me.