Forever lonely

I am sick and tried of being lonely. I want to share my life with someone who will be with me even if it is just once a week. Right now I am just not happy with my super long distance relationship status. And especially when I see other couples together, I just dont know what I am doing. And then we dont communicate much, a message here an email there.He doesn’t like it. But what about me?

I love him, I do but sometimes it just gets too much. My relationship status is so vague that when people ask about it, I just say I am single, because I dont want to tell a long winded story of how I have come to be in this situation. And then people think I am crazy or a lesbian. It just gets lonely, I too want someone to talk to and hang out with.

And now I am in this situation where I am stuck. My committed status stops me from meeting other potentials (I’d hate to cheat on him) while I do not have any of the perks of being in a relationship.

We both love each other but there is no way of making it work. Since we both live in different countries and since we cant see a solution, we dont talk about it. We go on holidays but in real life there is no solution, since we both work in jobs we enjoy in our respective countries.

I guess eventually one of us will have to move that is if we continue but I dont want the pressure of all that falling on our relationship. Also, that person is probably going to be me 😦

I just dont know whether to continue or not. Life just gets tough at times.