Oh Facebook!



I had deleted my account and was good for about a week, no cheating. But then I finally succumbed on the seventh day. I had to take a peek at what my friends were upto, did they notice i was gone? Did they miss me. But after logging back on and seeing no ‘campaign’ to bring me back to facebook kept my social arrogance in check. Even my own flesh and blood sister did not notice I was gone.

Oh facebook

It is such a love-hate thing for me right now.  It hardly helps  when I log on when lonely and sad and I see hundreds of pictures of happy smiling people in exotic locales. It does not make my loneliness vanish, it brings out another emotion.  Jealousy, wild raging jealousy. Oh how I envy my friends doing fun things in awesome places especially in my already weakened state.

The second point is these facebook games like zynga and others which are so addictive and hook you in the 2 seconds you start off and you level up like 5 times, and then the begging starts, items to get from friends, time waiting for piddly energy recharge and turns, you have to wait a day for more turns. All this can be happily waved off, if you pay of course, which is still endless.

Oh and did I mention you are also supposed to flood your own wall with posts and requests spamming your own wall. It just gets so cluttered. therefore I feel facebook has just become too much noise.

I would never pay for a facebook game but all these tactics are hurting the game companies and facebook in general, because there will come a day when the player despite multiple accounts and adding random people to help in the game, will just give up and find it not worth it to spend so many hours fruitlessly. There’s always a new level, you hardly up a level anymore, and the challenges just begin to feel like chores. And then the player feels trapped. So one day they just stop. Like farmville, I tolerated it for way longer than any others. I am glad to report that I am so done .

I have an app suggestion, don’t know if it is already out there but i highly doubt it. You allow this app access and it tracks hours spent on games, and aggregartes them in days or months. Like if you have spent 24 hours on a game, it will tell you “You have spend a total of 1 day playing *insert any of the addictive genre games here* that you will never get back. Go out and play.”

And all the other social networking sites just follow suit with facebook’s strategy because it is the market leader innit.

So the question begs asking where do I go now?



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