Starting Out

Starting a new blog is always an unwanted task. How do you start? Should you do a post about yourself, your reasons for starting a blog? Or just dive into the deep end, swimming googles and all. Does anyone even bother about these kinds of things anymore? I try and read a few blogs to find this out. While some are so vast that it is pretty impossible to find the ‘starting out’ pages, some do have a page and it all seems proper. Why does everything other people do seem proper and everything I do seems so amateur? This is my belief in life. So many people behave in a certain way, but when I do it, I find it very painful as if I am under some giant invisible spotlight. Do all people think this same way? Because most people come across as they know what they are doing that is till you get to know them. Then you find they are going through the same kind of internal strife you are going through and that their quiet confidence is just a facade waiting to crumble at the slightest chance of being found out. Questioning your internal strife all the time, second guessing your baby steps, afraid to leap into the unknown because you will look like a fool, rather than a legitimate reason? Things that make sense cease to do so and then you continue your normal life and regular activities as if that is the whole world when in truth the world is a huge place, millions of people, languages, cultures, you are even smaller than a speck of sand in the grand scheme of things, but when you turn into glass, turn into a beautiful piece of glass, a flower vase even.



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