Just back from a Buddhist meditation retreat today. Life is all about new experiences and we should not think oh this is only for old ‘anas’ or depressed people, or pious people only. We are young, fit (well, young fit)…… Lets not waste life. Who knows we may actually enjoy it and then we’ll feel like we have lost so much time.

We need to concentrate on the Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig) the Buddha of Compassion pictured here with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes.

This retreat is called Nyung-ney in Tibetan. It involves meditation, fasting, preaching about Dharma, and no talking. The most difficult bit, they say is the staying hungry part for about 36 hours while prostrating endlessly. Though I was a bit tired from the prostrations, I didn’t feel too hungry. The not talking part was pretty difficult but totally do-able.

We have to keep the following 8 vows throughout

l. No killing
2. No stealing
3. No sex
4. No telling lies
5. No drinking alcohol
6. No singing or dancing, makeup or ornaments
7. No evening meals
8. No sitting in high seats

In the end, it was a sense of achievement. Something, I have achieved instead of just wasting another two days doing diddly squat, I learnt a bit about Dharma and hardships the body can stand. The human body is really robust and if we get intimidated for whatever reason, we’ll never be able to do anything. And that applies to all of life.

Live life, be open to all experiences, do not close yourself due to any reason and remember nothing is impossible.


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