Long way around

Omg today i did another of those ‘long way around’s. I somehow always end up doing this……. So on my way to the venue this morning, despite me getting off a stop earlier in the metro reached really quickly.

But the return journey was not so easy. Hell no. Since i had to collect my phone from the cloak room, i was late coming out which meants there were no rickshaws about. There was one with two guys already sat on and no place but that guy still wanted to take more travellers. I was like no way in my mind.

So i walked to the main road and asked a guy for directions towards the metro. And he said just get on the bus from the opposite end of the road. I waited at the bus stop and surely enough a bus pulled up with the conductor screaming ‘metro metro’……..

And what happened next was an hour long ride into all areas of Rohini, janakpuri, pitampura till finally i got off at shastri park.

I am soooo tired. I was hungry too so i saw an aloo tikki cum puchka bhaiya outside the metro and oh my god, it was the best puchka ever. Sour and tangy. Hom nom nom……..

And then i did a spot of shopping outside the metro. And now safely in a metro car towards reaccourse, the nearest metro stop for us.

What about exam you ask….. I’ll leave that for another time

P.S. This metro i am in has been delayed for a short while. They have apologised for this but I have been terribly inconvenienced. Just want to reach now and go to bed.

P.P.S. Overheard on the metro, two girls having A super interesting conversation about arranged marriage, ex boyfriends, curent boyfriends and their mothers.


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