Take 2

The temperature in Delhi has suddenly taken a dip. Didn’t realise it till we went out for dinner to Andhra Bhawan (Take2) and it was freezing in the auto. I think the cold from Gangtok has followed me all the way to New Delhi. 

I opted for prawn curry this time and it was much better even though Andhra food is pretty hot, who knew. Andhra Bhawan is a canteen type eatery which is always crowded and the service is lightening quick. Nobody waits around. If you get up to wash your hand or for whatever reason, your plates WILL be picked up. 
Anyhoo I shouldn’t be out much, my exams start tomorrow. And now that it is really finally here, I wish I had studied more. But anyway this is it, there is always next year. I feel guilty too but there’s little I can do about it now.
Hopefully something will work out for me. I have many avenues open, hopefully one will take me to great success. 

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