Long days

Last evening it rained. No, it poured, like mini flash flood happened. And then of course, since we had a.flight to catch for today, we decided to leave really early from Gangtok, just in case the roads were damaged and to account for traffic jams. The roads, here are extremely.sensitive.

And that is how we left Gangtok in a cloak of darkness at 4.30 am. A feat we managed, only because we.didn’t sleep all night.

Except, we reached.Siliguri at 8.30 am, and my flight was at 2.15. Oh and the roads were great too.

Ans then, around mid day, i started to get really sleepy, but all i could manage was a few snatches of sleep. The inflight service was amazing. We got served hearty food with real cutlery, not plastic sporks, with tea and coffee. Reminded me of the days of yore when flying was elite.
But all that attention meant, no sleep.

That’s how i reached Delhi, in a near comatose state in desperate need of brainz. Imagine my horror when I discovered, I had even brought the rain with me to Delhi.

I went to the prepaid taxi counter where the guy tried the old.switcheroo trick on me. Where you give them a 500 rupee note and with a slight of hand, suddenly its a 100 rupee note leaving you in a hapless daze and just super confused. I may not look it, but i am smart and even at my weakest, I manageded to give the man at the counter my most fierce gaze like ‘i know what you are trying, it aint gonna work’, and i dont know if it was my gaze or just how poorly i looked and felt, he gave me my change back. But seriously, the nerve. I was so disgusted but now I know to be on my toes at all times, no matter what.

And right now, its only half past 6 in the evening. And I’ve travelled what? 1200 kms at least.

Long day, havent had one of these in a long time.


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