What I really want to do

Well, I have done quite a few things in life, but I have never fired a gun. I have been for rifle shooting and stuff (meaning balloon shooting in melas), but never a live loaded gun.

And I have always liked sniper rifles too, especially after all the war movies *cough* love stories, I have watched. That was in my last life though, in college. I remember my sister telling me that my dad and she used to shoot pigeons before, but then my Aku came to visit and then was like all judgmental, like ‘What the Hell man’ so that put a stop to that. I was in school then, and by the time my holidays started, the practice was no more. But I don’t think I would like to shoot anyone, especially not animals. I like them. I would go to the shooting range, except there is none, I presume in India, except if you get a job with the Excise dept. you get a gun and arms training and stuff. How cool. The next best thing to being in the army I guess.

I had seen a shooting range in Phuket,  well there’s always something to do next time. 

I wonder what the feeling would be? Powerful or just heartbreaking?


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