Gangtok Life

I’m sick and tired of everyone who moan and complain about Gangtok and ‘Gangtok people’.

Most of these people are just content sitting around moaning and groaning about the place, the people, lack of things to do, etc without actually doing anything about it. If complaining could solve problems then the world would be a happier place but sadly that isn’t the case.

Here are some suggestions for people who are sick and tired of this place:

1. If you hate this place so much, then move away. How is that for simplicity? There are a range of cities, towns and even jungles available, so pick one and get the hell out.

2. ‘Gangtok people’ and their ‘beura’ is another point making the rounds. Well, firstly we are all ‘Gangtok people’ ourselves, so when we are pointing the finger at the group in large, remember we are a part of it too. No matter how ‘cool’ and ‘chilled out’ we are.

I have to add here, if you have a problem with someone or something sort it out. Just talk about it and who knows most of the issues you have could be just in your head. Most of the time it could be a simple miscommunication so before you start pouring out all your greivances on facebook, just stop and think. Communicate. Breathe. Relax

3. If you are bored and think there is nothing to do, think again. Lying in your bed, complaining is not the way. Look up on the internet, facebook, there are a host of activities for those so inclined. Numerous treks, language courses, bike groups, conservation programs, dharma classes are all up for grabs. Find something you like and go for it. It will make you a happier person and you will have an answer when ‘concerned relatives’ and strangers  ask you ‘what are you upto’? And then you will be like ‘Oh, I am actually working with the Forest department tracking wildlife in the Dzongu area. How cool is that going to sound.
If you dont find something, then organise. Not only is it fulfilling, who knows where it will lead.

4. Go on a holiday. Recharge those batteries and then get back to the Gangtok Grind. Who knows, you may miss it here too. A week in the plains and especially in the summer heat could make you give a serious re-think about this place and you may appreciate it more.

5. Make new friends, dont be afraid to talk to people you dont know. Who knows you could found your new BFF.


If you dont try you will never know

Note: The author of this piece suffers from an acute laziness syndrome and is guilty of most of the things mentioned above.


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