Dont bite the hand that feeds you

‘Season’ time finds employment for locals not just in hotels, but people from all walks of life. Tourism, is for many the only source of income in the hills, yet it seems to be the last thing on the minds of the ruling GJMM in GTA. Bandhs, strikes and even violence unfortunately is becoming increasingly commonplace season or no season.   Bandhs and strikes not only hurt tourism, but dont achieve much for locals too. It just fails to make sense and that too in peak season time?   This type of situation in the hills affects us in Sikkim too, especially during the already short ‘season’ time.   At least Sikkim has alternate plans. Our airport will come up within 2 years, and the alternate highway proposed will be a source of major relief for tourism stakeholders here.   But for Darjeeling and other tourist spots in the GTA unsavoury situations cause harrassment and discomfort for tourists.   It is time for find another way to seek demands. Careful planning and advance notice of at least 14 days prior to any strikes need to be commonplace. It is time for tourism to leave the backbench and be given the right priority it deserves. The day is not far when even tourism, the mainstay of the economy for much of the hills will dry up just like the water supply and then there will be lots of time to regret.   Therefore, to all people involved and who support bandhs and strikes as the only way to get demands heard in the higher echleons of the West Bengal government, “Dont bite the hand that feeds you.”


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