Gay Pride Flag

We have all seen the Gay Pride flag so what does it stand for and what are the colours in it?

Hot Pink stands for sexuality
Red stands for life
Orange stands for healing
Yellow stands for sunlight
Green stands for nature
Turquoise stands for magic and arts
Indigo stands for serenity and harmony
Violet stands for spirit

The flag was originally invented by Gilbert Baker, the flag was first used in the 1978 gay pride march in San Francisco.

However the eight coloured flag was soon reduced to a seven coloured one with the Hot Pink removed. This was because at the time, hot pink wasn’t a commercially available colour, and so to mass produce the pride flag, the hot pink had to be officially removed.

In 1979 a year later, indigo was also removed from the seven coloured pride flag and then there were six. This was done so that during that years pride march, the colours could be equally divided on the marching street.

This is what the flag looks like today. Enjoy!


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