Online Shopping

Since I have sort of stumbled into the online shopping brigade myself with Black Cherry I thought of indulging in a bit of online retail therapy myself, strictly from a research point of view. Checking out established players in the market and so on and so forth.

First I found myself at the popular beauty website, Their product lists are vast and they usually have a discount in some form or the other even if it is a fiver or a tenner sometime. I have been wanting to try out Vichy products for quite sometime.

First, I brought a Vichy Essentielles Facial Emulsion which I guess is just fancy term for moisturizer and the use of which promts at least a 5% markup (I am only guessing). It apparently “Hydrates, protects and reveals radiance” according to the website.

Price: INR 490

Note: Me, being the cautious consumer, even did a price check with a UK website and this product was retailing there for £8.49, around INR 672, bargainious. Hooray

Since summers are coming up, and despite the crazy weather we have been having recently, I am still optimistic for a great summer this year, it’s only natural I stock up on sunscreen. According to Urbantouch, it provides “Very high protection for skin against sun-induced skin damage”. Its SPF is 50, and I remember reading up somewhere or on the telly that the general thought that higher the SPF, higher the protection is untrue. We have to choose SPF depending on our skin type. I think Indian skin did well with an SPF 30 and White/European skin was SPF 50. I could be wrong because I am only writing this from my fading memory from so many years ago, and I havent bothered to google and find out the facts for this one. So, that can be your homework and headache now. I have planted the seeds, now go off and nurture the SPF plant.

Price: INR 690

This one, I brought because the product had my name on it. I mean Comon. Normaderm, another fancy term for face wash,I had to buy it. The website claims for this one “Remove impurities from pores to keep skin healthy and radiant”

Price: INR 390

Price Check: I found it in the Boots UK website for £10.50, mixed in a 3for2 offer and the bottle was 200 ml instead of the 100 ml I’ve got, so can’t price compare without the help of a highly qualified mathematician.

The next product I had no use for, since I had just got a moisturizer and the reviews I read, said that even thought the product smelt heavenly, it was a bit greasy for day wear. But sue me, I love products with fruit, fruits in all forms, this too, i just had to have. And the price was reasonable.

Price: INR 209

All the Urban Touch products were beautifully packaged in a cute little box which was a good touch. It made me like this website more. I hope everyone is not thinking this is a paid post for the website, because it is NOT. But, everything was so nice and professional, I had to write about it. Next step of business: Buying books. So I surfed my way across to I did find most of the books I was looking for and there were a few reviews on the website by some small town cry babies, complaining about the number of days it took them to receive their orders. Boo hoo. And, I was prepared for that, but the delivery was so fast, I was pleasantly surprised. Especially since Sikkim is a pretty remote place. We don’t have our own airport or train station. There is one road leading to and away from here, and a 5-seater helicopter which does about 1 trip a day to the nearest airport. So, yes, we are pretty remote. But, the orders were really quick and the books were individually packaged in plastic to avoid damage and water seepage. And 3 out of my 4 books ordered had a cute little Flipkart Bookmark. Sweet.

Well, as they say there can’t be such a thing as a perfect day. There was a little niggle in my otherwise perfect day of opening my parcels of little things I had brought from various websites. One such, and this item was the only thing I actually needed was a Nintendo Wii Remote, which I ordered off Ebay India. The seller had advertised pretty colours like pink and blue, but I was sent a black, which was not the problem. The remote does not work. I was so disappointed because I was looking forward to play badly since I have given up on my PS2 and high time too. Originally, I hadn’t planned to order the remote, but since our only electronic shop in town ‘Digital’ didn’t have them in stock I ordered it off Ebay which is also my first purchase off of there. Thumbs down. I know they will send me a replacement, but I was looking forward to it.

P.S. This post is only on first impressions, I haven’t used any of these products yet. If you want to know, ask me in aabout 10 days time.


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