I am going to start a new blog now, currently i am choosing between Posterous and Movableblogs. Its nive to have choice and try new things coz the same format just tires me out sometimes. I will put a linkback here soon. Life has just been stagnant the last couple of weeks, I find that I have no real passions left and added to that my extreme laziness, I fail. So, now I am in a contemplative mood, re-thinking life and my priorities. I know something good is awaiting for me and that its just around the corner, I just need to get there soon.

And I will.

Time for achieving
For growth

For new hopes and dreams
For believing
For achieving

Let it start now

PS: i need to get me one of those keyboard cleaning equipment, just last week i found a piece of waiwai under my V button. So do bear with the missed occasional ‘T”s and etc.


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