Its been a while. I usually think a lot but when it comes to writing them down, my mind turns blank (empty set). A scientist should invent a machine that uploads your thoughts, if you want it to. What great philosophers we would make.

Quite a few things to look forward to.

First off Darjeeling with my friends. Haven’t been on a trip with them for so long, I bet it will be fun.

2. Found an American website that delivers to India. Now just a small matter of Money.

3. Bodhgaya in December for Kalachakra festival. Its going to be great I can feel it.

4. Morning walks, something nice to look forward to. Fresh air, a nice time to gather your thoughts, philosophise, and try to make sense of what’s happening in life.
I have been walking up to the monastery, and I didn’t think it but there are a lot of health conscious people in gangtok. Also they all seem to know each other, while me I seem to have misplaced my ipod. Oh dear. Was thinking of going back to the gym, but don’t think so anymore.

My new philosophy of life is ‘Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega’, there is no point dwelling of what ifs and what nots, whatever will be, will be

Que Sara Sara

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