Nothing says summer or takes you back to your school days, of summer vacations, relief from exams than good old summer fruits. Dominated mostly by mangoes, watermelons and my personal favourite litchis.

There is not much work involved in eating a litchi, unlike a watermelon where the seeds are like the cavalry of an army, numerous and significant. But of course with enough work to appreciate the glory and the sweetness of the fruit.
When you pop one in your mouth, it feels like this is absolutely the fruit of the gods. The sweetness of the flesh, its unavailability most of the year make it extra special.

But of course you do find the odd sour one or even worse a little white worm. What do you do then?  I just ignore it like the beggars in India. After a while you dont even see them anymore.

I ❤ litchis so much.



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