Update Day 1 post 2

So finally got on the train at 5 in the evening. The scheduled departure was for 1.30 and if the train is more than 4 hours late, we can apply for a refund. But the train was conveniently just 3 and a half hours late. It was the most boring longest wait and just felt never ending. The so called ‘upper class’ waiting had a big lock on it so after sitting on the floor outside for a while, ventured to the ‘sleeper class waiting room – gents’, these are actual names. Finally the announcement was made, had no idea which compartment to board, so just headed in general direction and it turned out to be the wrong one of course, ran towards the other end of the train, panicked a bit with finding the right compartment, mine was 1A but the door had 2A on it, and you know how when you are stuck in a moment, time just seems to pause and you get so into it that every second feels like 5 minutes, well this was happening to me. I knew the train was going to leave me, but it was a comfortable stop and once I found my seat and settled in, still had loads of time left.
About 5 minutes away from the station, somebody pulled the chain, and my many attempts to find the reason only met with a stony glare.
Then, the food guy came around, and I wanted dinner, so he handed me the package on the spot, it was 5.30 in the evening. I asked for the options, and he was trying to sell the veg, but I wanted chicken. Paid for it and at around 7 when I finally decided to have the cold dinner, it turns out he gave me the fish, grrrrrr!

Day 2
Slept at around 7 and it was so early that I got up at 3 in the night, didn’t know what to do, went back to sleep. I even had a weird dream featuring a guy from the pantry car. I asked some question and he was like ‘yeah’ this train has now turned into a local train’ meaning it is going to stop at all the little towns and villages along the way, arghhh maybe that was the nightmare I got up from at 3 in the morning. Hmm anyway just reached Allahabad, dilli is 5 hours away now, so Chalo Dilli !!!!

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