Journey 1

The beginning of my journey has a prelude. Its not that easy to just pack your bags and catch the first plane or train. You have to travel 4 hours to reach the nearest town which is a shithole of a place and everyone knows that it was people of Sikkim that have led to its growth.
Well, the journey is as bad as it gets. Lane widening works around every bend, insensitive drivers who decide to stop randomly in the middle of the road to gaze out of their window, dust, army Shaktimans, wannabe double decker buses (people sit on the top of the bus, very dangerous), and not to mention everytime you are on the highway, you are always late so need to rush risking your life. I almost got many a heart attacks today tackling the 123 km drive from Gangtok to Siliguri. See how living in a remote area is not all fun and games.

There was a white bolero ahead of us who was trying to overtake a Shaktiman. Now everyone knows that the army drivers are notorious for hogging the whole road, and not giving ‘pass’, so finally the bolero driver managed to overtake the Shaktiman and as soon as he got ahead he showed them his finger, it was funny. Now I pinned down this task to our resident bad boy, also known as Delhi Bhaila, but I still wanted to take a look at the offending driver. I did manage a glimpse but he was an unknown, prolly in his 30’s and kind of looked like a army person to me. Did he know them, were they enemies? What was the history?

On the subject of Shaktimans, and their ‘hogging’ I would like to point out that they do give ‘pass’ and are not as notorious anymore. But when this was true in the 90’s it was legendary, they were. These army drivers from god knows where hogging the road apparently immune to horns and signals from the other cars. There was a mystique to that. You don’t want to see the army guys at a table next to you in your local, you want to imaging them doing awesome army activities in secret camps in the middle of the ocean or something. So my plea is army ppl don’t become human, propagate myths about your awesomeness and stay aloof.

Another suggestion for the army is co ordinate Shaktiman timings so that it goes one way only. God forbid if two Shaktimans going in different directions were to meet, on our fragile highway.

Also finally reached the station, and what do you know? The train is delayed. The delayment of the train is inversely proportional to how early you reach and how late you are running. Well but I guess no one’s surprised.

Am sitting under a weird rooty tree right now next to a crazy person who is eating rice out of a plastic bag (blue) and a man who on seeing me write is also busy scribbling down something in his notebook, but not before asking me what train am I in, what time its leaving, and what is my destination. Also just spotted a father and daughter walking, father happily fondling girl’s bum and squeezing it through her dress. Ugh! Disgusting not to mention paedo. Ew ew ew

Well I guess I can sign off with ‘Welcome to the plains’ and no I don’t care how hungry you are or how dirty you look don’t bug me for change, aage bado

Curd seller trying to do business with crazy person, the word ‘dhanda’ was mentioned.

Man next to me on the phone ‘kuch ganda likh rahi he’

Crazy person is throwing up right now, time to change my seat


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