Mother’s Day

A mother nurtures, protects, raises and loves like no other. But why are they never appreciated in their roles as a mother. Of course I talk from my own experience, my poor mum has to put up with my tantrums, needs and everything else before her own. But does she get at least a thank you from me, no way. Isn’t that what she signed up for by giving birth to me?

On a serious note though, is it fair? No
Should I show appreciation towards my mum? Yes
Should I let her know how much I love her? Yes
Should I help her with her various chores? Yes

We know everything by now, what we should do, shouldn’t, whats good and whats bad for us. But do we even listen to ourselves? A big fat NO. We do whatever we feel like and believe our way is ‘the’ way. But in doing this how many people do we trample upon, ignore or even hurt them?

So, this Mother’s Day and everyday, show your appreciation and love her, love her very much.


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