Facebook has truly become a phenomenon worldwide, its your BFF, a window into other people’s world. You can find out not only your friend’s birthdates but last names as well.

This is a true story:
I had sent an idea in for an app. It was for uniting people born on the same day and year all over the world. There was an app created called ‘what’s my birthdate’ or something I can’t remember now, but this idea didn’t catch well. It was lost in the cacophony of various apps. I wonder why because I am quite curious about people who were born on the same date as me, are they like me, are they different?
This was about 3 years back and I have since deleted the app, will try to find it and name it on here.

Another off the point – my lays flavour idea was chicken momo which I thought was brill, didn’t hear back from lays hmph!


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