April 6, 2011: Screening of Gangtok- the documentary

Vajra Hall has never been so full of people with paid tickets before. That too at Rs. 200 a never before heard sum in the capital of Sikkim, gangtok.

Anyone who is anyone has turned out and the atmosphere in the hall is filled with electricity. People don’t know what to expect, will the hype live up to its name?

The hype of course is for the screening of the 1975 documentary on Sikkim by renowned film maker Satyajit Ray, on the eve of the annexation of Sikkim by India. This documentary had previously been banned by the Indian government. While the ban has been lifted, people don’t know what to expect. Will it be censored and what message will it carry? Is it pro-monarchy, or pro-India? Will it shed some light on the problems faced by the people of Sikkim then? Was the annexation forced or did the people really want it?
These are some of the questions floating about in my mind and probably in the minds of the many hundreds of Sikkimese people who have turned up to see the documentary and decide for themselves.

The seats are filling fast and I really don’t know what to expect. But I will have to wait a wee bit more to find out coz with anything in India there will be speeches to bear and cultural shows to view.


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