How did you get your name?

Who chose it, and why?

Long story and big history this. My grandma is from Darjeeling and she knew a Norma way back before I was born. Norma was a girl who was in love, married her then boyfriend and moved away. Years later when I was born she chose this name for me, hoping I find my love and have a great happy peaceful life.

I don’t have a problem with my name, but there were times when I thought why this and even accused my mother of making up this story just to please me and make me think there was a thought behind my name when there evidently was not.

The story gets stranger………

Last year I met a girl and when we were introducing names, she said ‘My mum’s name is Norma and its so weird to call you by your name’, I didn’t think much of that till I came to know her mum also lived in Darjeeling and she was the only Norma around. That got me thinking, and well as it turns out I was named after her mum. Small World.

Her mum lived near er the inappropriately named ‘Hooker Road’, which is where my grandma lived. The other Norma moved away before my mum was married. And my mum moved to Gangtok, got married and has lived here ever since. And Norma apparently moved back to Orissa, India and to meet her daughter years later in Gangtok was just surreal.

Well my life doesn’t yet have a story of its own but I hope it becomes a great story one day which will probably inspire others, who knows where this name will reach.


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