Go to your drafts folder and finish an old post!!

I do have a lot of these lying around so here goes:

Answers Please

Why is life so confusing?
Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
Why can’t we ever be content?
Why can’t we get what we really really want?
Why do we need love?
Why is everything always upside down?
Why are we so complicated?
Why are there choices?
Why do we need to search for ourselves?
Why do people die?
Where do people go after they die?
Why do we keep secrets?
Why do birds fly?
Why were insects created?
Who taught us how to be like this?
Why do we need to be accepted?
Why do people look different?
Why can’t we accept ourselves?
Why are we so lazy?
Why do we fight?
How can some people kill?

If we are all the same, then why are we so different?

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