Foot in mouth

I have been following the Karmapa story and therefore my news watching has upped from little to none to quite a bit. News is just depressing especially in India. if you are feeling suicidal, and need just a bit more to push you over the edge then watch the news, you will definitely do yourself a favour.

Let me discuss a few items currently making the news
1. Mayawati: what a bitch! There was a woman crying out and obviously in a last resort state of mind and she couldn’t be bothered to get out of her car. Hello, you are an elected member, she can’t afford to be a reluctant politician. According to ‘my name is Khan’ even America’s president listens when you search for him, and god too but Mayawati is obviously above god and has her claws way up her arse.
I can only declare that Mayawati is actually a monkey in a salwar who has no idea what’s happening around her and she needs to go back, fast to her jungle.

2. Erm sadly there is no number 2 since I am too scared to turn the tv back on, oh actually there was a gang rape on a minor in where else U.P., arghh that is plain disgusting and do I really need to say more on this?? They should be made to clean public toilets all over India with their tongue…….

3. Laloo: * A reporter asks him some question regarding the present affairs and he is like ‘I can’t answer coz I am only going to be observer for 6 months so ask him then, WTF????


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