Ahhhh!!!! I am watching KWK right now, and I am sick and tired of all the thakeley charaters, the usual suspects, please get some variance honestly, there’s nothing that we dont know abt them, and Karan is his usual ass licking self, stupid, go back to making movies or whatever it is that you do but get off my telly. Te same rapidfire questions, comon get more staff and you know spice it up, everything seems so rehearsed. And what the hell is Shweta whoever doing in KWK, who is she and HER really??? She looks really ugly. Oh and a word of advice for Karan, hairdye is really cheap so please dye your hair .

I am quite liking the show’s spinoff on MTV ‘Toffee with Taran’ with Jose,that guy is really funny but the one person who is NOT is Cyrus Broacha, please retire Bakra, its not funny, its rather crass and he finds the worst pitiful characters and i guess they just go hang themselves after the show because thats the last straw in their already sad life.

Is it time to start on Masterchef already, the Australian series is a joy to watch with  everyone in the show deserving their place, but i really dont know how to decribe the annoyance and sadness that is the Indian version. Who or wat qualifies Akshay Kumar to act as the judge, is it the annoying laugh because that gets on my nerves and makes me want to barf and strangle somebody.

I must also write about my intense hatred of the Bourbon ad wit Hrithik in it. How is his cringeworthy dancing related to biscuits and that eye thing that he does when he announces the end bit with the line ‘hide and seek bourbon try it’ or watever the hell he says, I have really stopped eating, buying or having anything to do with Bourbon biscuits, ew!!! cringe cringe.


The link to the ad:



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