People say ‘be the bigger person’ or that this is god’s way of testing you….. But what if god doesn’t exist then I’d just have spent my whole life bending over backwards over nothing. You try and you try but its never enough, you smile when you are hurting inside and assure others you’re fine, and then you fool yourself into thinking you are happy, you pick yourself up, dust off the dirt from your back but what does life do? It mocks us…. Nobody is ever given enough, and no body is ever satisfied. This must be one of the lower realms of hell, it couldn’t be anything more.

You work and work, you get a heart attack, you don’t work, you become fat, lazy and despicable, not to mention poor. You have a good work balance, but your personal life is a mess, you have many things going on for you on the surface but inside you are terribly unhappy. There are levels you can never attain, you learn about the great masters, philosophers and artists but then it also makes you realise you can never match up. So you make bad life decisions and friends badly deluded that that is what life needs, but the moment you actually need them, is the moment you lose them. There are temptations, there is no enough, the pursuits never end…. Ageing, Obesity, Wealth, Romance, you want to overcome it all but you are only shown the cake, you never get to eat it….

They try to sell you a  perfect lie with shampoos and fabric conditioners convincing you that they are what is missing from making your life perfect, and we all fall for them. It’s the same with a car, an iphone, everything….. You study, you play your part, you go through the steps of life as you are told, you are taught about the real world in school and college and how to prepare for it….you do it all but these steps contradict themselves. You are taught to be nice, be polite to your elders, civic sense etc along with the occasional chanting of ‘OM’ but in the corporate world you are expected to be ruthless, be a slave to your boss and that in order to get ahead you must trample on the weak, the survival of the fittest. This is glorified but if school was preparing you or this then they should have been straight forward, taught us how to bend the rules a little.

Life is just bollocks so what the hell are you supposed to do, my best bet is grow your own fruit and veggies and live in peace on a secluded corner of the world, away from people, technology and machines….but again you can’t be even that, ‘Man is a social animal’

And to top it all off you always have that fear of dying or losing a special someone!!!

In the end the only wisdom i leave you with is that ‘If life gives you lemons, then open a stall and sell them at an exorbitant price to all the suckers doing their 1-2-3 of life.


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