The Pursuit of Life


Life is all about pursuit, the pursuit of happiness, love, health, fame, fortune, friendship, respect. The journey of life is never ending, tiresome in fact. You cant have the things you want, you learn to compromise. We learn good lessons from hard times, from mistakes, and yet you never learn. Most people go through he same experiences, hardship, sadness, loss so should we just stop learning to avoid the feeling of pain and hurt? When we are young our parents try to control the amount we subject ourselves to the big bad world, but that is what we don’t want. We rebel. Now as I get older and experience some of this shit in the world, I know I will get protective of my loved ones and try to control so that they don’t get hurt, and thus the cycle continues. As children we look at the world with rosy-tint frames. But again what is the right approach?
In a world where so much importance is placed upon reputation, status, wealth everyone is getting judged constantly. There is pressure from all sides, friends, family, unknown strangers. How do we behave in this manner. The fact that you say you don’t care, means you do. Again the most important thing is to be aware spiritually and not go out of your way to hurt people in any way. After all you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you. Negativity hangs in the air like a dust cloud, so stay positive, have happy thoughts and think you can do it, coz you feel what you believe!


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